Terms Of Use

In joining and upon purchase of the “Overseas Attractions and Tour” products and service, it is deemed that the customer has fully accepted all the terms and conditions laid by Travel Recommends Sdn Bhd.


In these Conditions of Use, except where the context otherwise requires or where it is otherwise expressly provided, the following expressions have the meanings respectively assigned to them, that is to say,


Refers to Travel Recommends Sdn Bhd and the references of “We”, “Us”, “Ours” and “Travel Recommends”.

“The Products

Refers to the travel products and services available on TR, regardless of attractions tickets, tours, transport options and other travel related products and services.

“The Merchants”

Refers to the travel merchants and partners TR works with, on travel-related products and services. 


Refers to the customer whom purchase or transacted travel products or services from Travel Recommends Sdn Bhd.



1.1. The Customer is deemed to have read, understood agreed and accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement upon purchase of “The Products” through Travel Recommends website – www.travelrecommends.com, telephone, facsimile, WhatsApp and (or) other means of methods available.

1.2. By this acceptance, the Customer confirms that and shall be fully responsible of all the information provided, are accurate as of the date of provision, reservation and (or) purchase. The Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold TR and its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, owners, agents, information providers and licensors (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”) harmless from and against any, and all claims, liability, losses, costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by any Indemnified Party in connection with any breach by the Customer of these Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy.


2.1. The Website www.travelrecommends.com, including the subdomains, features, contents and any affiliated websites by Travel Recommends belongs to and are operated by Travel Recommends Sdn Bhd.

2.2. Provision and Accessibility of Services

2.2.1. TR may either offer to provide the product and (or) services by itself or on behalf of the appointed operating partners. The Services that is available on the website is solely for Customer’s own use, and not for use or benefit to any third party. The term “Services” includes refers to any Services offered by TR as well as the appointed operating partners. TR reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue any product and (or) services at any time, including availability of any feature, database or content. TR, may also impose limits or conditions on certain products and (or) services or restrict access to any part or all of the services without notice or liability.

2.2.2. TR does not guarantee the availability of the services to be available and uninterrupted. TR is not liable to the Customer if the product and (or) service is not available at any time or period. TR is responsible and shall make the arrangements necessary to access to the product and (or) services. TR is responsible to ensure that all other person(s) who access and (or) use the product and (or) services are aware of the Terms and Conditions including any other Terms and Conditions for the services used, and that they comply with them.


3.1. All materials available on this website, including but not limited to text, data, graphics, photographs, images, illustrations, audio, video, logo and other materials (“Content”) belongs to TR. These are protected by copyright and (or) other intellectual property rights. This website and the content are intended solely for personal and non-commercial use of the Service and may only be used by abiding to the Terms and Conditions.

3.2. Should TR grant any access to this website and (or) content, such access shall be non-exclusive, non-transferrable and limited license to access the website in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. TR, may at its absolute discretion and at any time, without prior notice, amend, remove or alter the presentation, substance or functionality of any part or all of the content from the website.

3.3. The Customer agrees and shall abide to all copyright notices, trademarks rules, information and restrictions contained in the website and shall not use, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, upload, display, license, sell, perform or otherwise exploit for any purposes whatsoever this Website on the Content or third party submissions or other propriety rights not belonging to the Customer without expressed prior written consent of the respective owners, or in any way violates any third party rights


4.1. TR cannot guarantee the identity of any other users with whom you may interact within the course of using the website. While TR work to provide as much information on the website, TR cannot guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of any content, materials and information in which the operating partners and third party merchants may provide. Customer understands

4.2. and agrees that accessing all materials accessed on the website will be at the customer’s risk and he or she will be responsible for any damage or loss to any party resulting there from.

4.3. TR will not be liable, at any circumstances, for any content, including but not limited to any errors or omissions in any Content, or any loss or damage incurred in connection with the use of and (or) exposure to any content posted, emailed and accessed or any otherwise made available through this website.


5.1. All property rights subsisting in respect to this website belongs solely to TR and (or) have been licensed to TR for use on this website. The website as collective works and/or compilations, pursuant to applicable copyright laws, international conventions, and other intellectual property laws, the customer agrees:

5.1.1. Not to modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce, create derivative works based on, distribute, perform, display, or in any way exploit, any part of the website and the content, software, materials or the Services in whole or in part:

5.1.2. Shall only download or copy the content (and other information displayed on the website or related to the product and (or) service) for personal and non-commercial use, provided that the customer maintains all copyright and other notices contained in such content; and

5.1.3. Shall not store any significant portion of any content in any form. Copying or storing of any content other than personal and non-commercial use is expressly prohibited without prior notice, written permission from TR or from the copyright holder identified in such contents copyright notice.


6.1. Use of the website, products and services

6.1.1. The customer shall agree, represent, warrant and undertake to TR that the customer will not use this website, products and (or) services in a manner that: Infringes or violates the intellectual property rights or proprietary rights, rights of publicity or privacy, or other rights of any third party; or Violates any law, statute, ordinance or regulation; or Is harmful, fraudulent, deceptive, threatening, abusive, harming, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, or otherwise stated objectionable; or Involves commercial activities and (or) sales without TR’s prior written consent such as contest, raffle draws, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, or pyramid schemes; or Contain a virus, trojan horse, worm, time bomb, or other harmful computer code, file or programme.

6.1.2. The customer agrees to be responsible for withholding, filing and reporting all taxes, duties and other governmental assessments associated with the activity in connection with using the service and (or) other services.


7.1. If the Customer is an entity and not an individual person, the person(s) who, on behalf, represents and signs the Agreement must be rightfully authorised and has been empowered to enter into the Agreement.

7.2. The Customer shall agree to authorise TR to access the Customer’s information for verification and creditability with a credit reporting agency.


8.1. Through the website, Customer may purchase the products and (or) services from TR, offered by the merchants and partners in various destinations. The Customer shall and will present the required documents and information that is subjected to the individual product and service policies, no refunds will be granted unless otherwise stated.

8.2. If the Customer attempt to use the products and (or) services in an unlawful manner, the respective merchants and (or) partner reserves the right to refuse the Customer and no refunds will be granted.

8.3. In cases where date and time is indicated, if the Customer attempts to use the products and (or) services on a different date and time, the merchants and (or) partner reserves the right to refuse the customer and no refunds will be granted.

8.4. Image and photos of the product and (or) services shown on the website, including any digital assets belonging to TR and their partners are for illustration purposes only. The actual vehicle for the service depends on the availability at the day of the scheduled pick up.

8.5. In any situation where the travel itinerary involves sea transportation and is inaccessible by a car, passenger pick up will happen at the corresponding jetty.

8.6. Purchase and the use of physical passes, e-tickets and e-vouchers

8.6.1. The customer may purchase e-vouchers, e-tickets and (or) physical passes (collectively as “Admission Pass”) from TR for the product and (or) services offered by the partnering merchants in various destinations. The customer will receive email confirmation of the purchase containing all the relevant details, subjected to the policies of the relevant merchant of the product and (or) service.

8.6.2. The customer must be present at the meeting point as advised by the merchant on time, and present the necessary document and (or) information as requested by the merchant in order to use the admission. If the customer fails to appear on time as agreed and (or) to provide the necessary document and information, refunds of the admission pass will not be granted.

8.6.3. The merchant, may at any time, requires the customer to provide an identification document bearing the customer’s photo in order to use the admission pass. TR and its partnering merchants are not responsible for any loss, damaged or stolen admission passes and confirmation emails. Admission passes and confirmation emails will be void if relevant services to be provided are prohibited by law. If the customer attempts to use the admission passes in an unlawful manner (for example, attempt to use for tours and attractions when the customer is not of legal age in the eyes of law or not abiding to the terms and conditions on the admission passes of the intended destination), the relevant merchant may refuse to accept the customer, and no refunds will be granted.

8.7. Terms of use on the physical passes, e-tickets and e-vouchers

8.7.1. The terms and conditions for each product and services vary amongst the partnering merchant and any restrictions may apply to the use of the product and (or) service, including but not limited to a minimum age requirement, will be conveyed to the customer at the time of purchase on the website.

8.7.2. The products and (or) services are admission passes to one-time only events, tours and attractions (collectively, “Events”): the date(s) on which and when admission passes can be used will be stated on the admission. If the customer does not use them on or by the date(s) indicated on the admission, except expressly set forth therein, no refunds will be granted.


9.1. The Customer agrees and shall authorise that he or she is the rightful individual to make payment on the account by providing TR with a valid credit card.

9.2. TR does not store and (or) hold any of Customer’s credit/debit card details in our system. All transactions processed pertaining to Customer’s credit and (or) debit card details when payment is made online, in the system. This is to preserve the confidentiality of all users to our website. All transactions will be processed through a secured payment gateway system by 2C2P Pte Ltd.

9.3. TR accepts the following modes of electronic payment processes; Visa, MasterCard, FPX, UnionPay, and manual bank transfers

9.4. TR reserves the right to request payment of fees or charges for any additional product and (or) services offered by TR. The customer agrees and shall pay for all applicable charges or fees, as describe on the website in relation to such product and (or) services selected by the customer.

9.5. TR, may, at its sole discretion, establish invoicing for Corporate and or other Customers.


10.1. Prices quoted for the products and (or) services are in Malaysia Ringgit on the website.

10.2. Customer shall agree and accept the prices stated on the website at the time of purchase.

10.3. Prices quoted on the website are subject to changes due to fluctuation of foreign currency exchange rates, difference in the travel seasons. The amount will be adjusted and revised at the discretion of TR and their appointed partnering merchants

10.4. All prices quoted on the website and any of TR digital assets are fixed price.

10.5. TR reserves the right to change the price list for the fees or charges at any time, upon notice to the customer, by email or posted on the website. Customer’s use, or continued use, of the product and (or) services by TR following such notification constitutes the customer’s acceptance of any new or revised fees and charges.


11.1. Customer may cancel the purchase by sending in an email to hello@travelrecommends.com, within the cancellation period as stated in the terms and conditions of the relevant product and (or) service, at the time of purchase on the website. Cancellation window period vary, depending on the terms and conditions of the partnering merchant and at the discretion of TR depending on the circumstances. For any cancellation, customer agrees to be liable for a RM50 administrative charge.

11.2. The partnering merchant is the offeror of the product and (or) services for the Events, has the right and is solely responsible for accepting and rejecting the admission the customer purchase, as related to all such product and (or) services.

11.3. Customer shall contact to consult with the partnering merchant directly if there any queries and (or) feedback in respect of the product and (or) service received in relation to and (or) at the Event by the merchant. Except expressly set for herein, all fees paid for are not refundable.

11.3.1. In any case where the customer has purchased the admission and the event is cancelled by the partnering merchant, TR will notify customer as soon as reasonably practicable, and will proceed to assist customer on the said matter.

11.4. For any purchase of attractions, tours, prepaid SIM cards, and (or) other services for use in overseas, customer agrees to be liable for a 15