Malaysia Portable Unlimited WiFi

From RM 13.00

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    Within 24 Hours

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    No Refunds Allowed

  • Speed : 4G
  • Network : N/A
  • Shared Devices : 5
  • Battery Life : 8-10 Hours
  • High Speed : 30GB Unlimited 4G Speed
  • Throttle Speed : NA

Delivery: For immediate deliveries (within 1-2 working days) within Klang Valley, kindly Whatsapp our team at +60 12-3350541 for arrangement before placing an order. Kindly note for states outside of Klang Valley it may take up to 4 working days for your package to reach you.

Important: Please input the start date of the data package under "Date of Visit". Data package will be activated accordingly. For example, if you are getting 30 days package and have input 1 April 2020 as the "Date of Visit", the data package will be activated from 1 April 2020 to 30 April 2020.


Package Option

Malaysia 4G Portable WiFi Unlimited


7 days 5GB High Speed Package

RM 13.00

RM 15.00

14 days 15GB High Speed Package

RM 35.00

RM 39.00

30 days 30GB High Speed Package

RM 59.00

RM 65.00

Two-way Courier Delivery (Please select this for delivery instead of self-collection)

RM 20.00



How To Use

*Device model and complimentary items shown are for illustration purposes only and are subject to availability.

1) Turn on Router

2) Connect devices to Router's SSID 

3) Key in WiFi password indicated on WiFi Router

4) Enjoy Unlimited WiFi!



1.    Fair Usage Policy (FUP): Fair Usage Policy is a set of guidelines imposed by the country's local internet service provider to manage inappropriate data use and to prevent user from abusing the data usage. This policy makes sure that the service can be used fairly by everyone in the particular country. The user may experience slow data speeds if the data usage exceeds the assigned limit but will never be cut off from the internet. There will be no extra charges incurred on the rental rates.

2.    Late Return Fee: A late fee of RM30 per day will be imposed from the second day of the indicated return date of the rental period. This means user would have one day’s grace period to return the TravelWiFi kit from the indicated return date.  

3.    Cancellation Fee: All cancellation of TravelWifi order will incur a cancellation fee of RM50 for each TravelWifi device.

4.    Accidental Loss: The charges for loss or damage are as follows:
       a.    WiFi router and SIM card: RM600
       b.    Power Bank: RM80
       c.    Carrying case: RM50
       d.    Converting plug: RM50
       e.    Other Accessories (e.g. cables): RM25

Note: If you have purchased the insurance for TravelWiFi kit, you need not pay the penalty charge of cancellations, loss or damages to accessories and *TravelWifi device.
*Must be accompanied with police report as proof of loss. If you do lose the Travel Pocket Wi-Fi, please make a police report in the country where you lost it and present the report to us as proof of loss when you are back in Malaysia.

How To Get There

Delivery Fee of RM10 per way applies.