KR Pass (Korail) 5-Day

From RM 381.00


Unlimited travel on Korail for 5 days.

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KR Pass (Korail) 5-Day



RM 762.00


RM 381.00

Savers (For 2-5 pax)

RM 726.00

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KR Pass is a train pass exclusively for foreign visitors or foreign residents in Korea only. These special tickets will allow unlimited travel on KORAIL-managed trains for a certain time period. There are no limits on the number of times you travel or where you travel during the duration of your pass. The pass may also give you additional discounts on accommodations and tourist attractions, helping you enjoy more of Korea!



 2 Working Days
 Voucher Type
 Present Voucher At Attraction's   Ticket Office
 No Refunds

How To Use

What You Get




5 Consecutive Days KR Pass (Korea Rail Pass- Standard Class):

Applicable for regular trains 

KTX, KTX-Sancheon, ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, Nuriro, commuting trains, ITX-Cheongchun 

Applicable for 6 tourist trains 

O-Train (Central Inland Region Tour Train), A-Train (Jeongseon Arirang Train), S-Train (Namdo Sea Sightseeing Train), G-Train (West Gold Train), DMZ-Train, V-Train


*Please fill in the particulars of each passenger here so we can prepare your etickets!


Saver Pass


✓ Adult Pass : Passengers over age 12

✓ Child Pass : Passengers between ages 4 and 11

✓ Saver Pass : Group passengers of 2-5 people traveling on the same itinerary. 

✓ Flexible Pass : Valid within 10 days, you can randomly choose your travel date. Before your travel, you should activate the pass for your actual travel dates at the ticket booths in KORAIL stations. 

✓ Extra fees will be charged for first-class seats. 

KR pass is not available for children under 4 years old. It's free of charge if the child doesn't take a separate seat AND if the child is accompanied by a guardian paying regular adult fare(1 child per 1 adult). To book a separate seat for the child, please purchase ticket at a Korail counter.


Not Included


Invalid for Metro services

3-Day Pass

2-Day Flexi Pass

4-Day Flexi Pass


How To Buy


1. Purchase online

2. Fill up the necessary information here so we can prepare your KR pass (Information of every passenger needs to be submitted)

3. Receive the KR pass within the month of travel. 1st date of travel must be within 31 days of KR pass Issue Date. For example, if your 1st travel date is May 1st, we can only process your booking from April 1st. If you booked more than 31 days in advance, you will have to wait to receive your voucher.

 4. Please print out the pass upon boarding the train. Enjoy your trip!


How To Get There

Terms and Conditions


  • KR pass e-vouchers and train tickets must be printed out to redeem for the train tickets. No refund will be given if tickets cannot be redeemed due to the printed tickets not being presented.

  • Pass-holders who fail to make reservations, may use unreserved seats.

  • Foreigners and those who have Passport Residence or Permanent Residency are eligible for the KORAIL PASS.

  • Seats may not be assigned during the National holidays and summer peak seasons. Instead, standing tickets are available.

  • A valid passport is required to redeem your voucher.

  • No compensation for delay or cancellation will be provided.

  • Age of the passenger is based on the date you redeem the voucher into KR Pass not the date of purchase with Travel Recommends

  • Travel Recommends will not be responsible for the loss of ticket caused by individual’s negligence.

  • The e-ticket cannot be exchanged for cash or used on more than one occasion.

  • The value of the e-ticket/e-voucher is in local currency.

  • Any alteration(s) on the e-ticket/e-voucher will not be accepted by Travel Recommends and the appointed merchant.

  • No refunds will be entertained for cancellations.
  • This voucher is not accepted at the attraction, please use the e-voucher(s) found in a separate email.


How to Get There


The following item needs to be presented to utilise the pass:


b)Printed KR pass e-voucher 


Things to note: 


1.Selected date is the first date of travel with the KR pass. 

2.The KR pass received via Email Voucher is your actual pass. Please print out the pass upon boarding the train. 

3.For reservation of seats, please access here and make seat reservations from 30 days prior to travel date.  Please refer to the guide here if you are unsure on how to make your seat reservation.  

a.(Flexible Pass - you need to designate the rest of the travel dates first, also by visiting the above link.) Please print out your train tickets after making seat reservations.

b.If first-class seats are selected, the extra fees will be automatically charged (payable with credit card).

c. Specific seats reservation is available only 2 times a day. (1 time per each route per pass, Max 2 routes a day)

4.Please assist to double check when submitting your information. There is a strict no amendment policy for submitted incorrect passenger information (i.e. incorrect spelling for names, first/last names switched, wrong passport number, wrong date of birth format, etc.) Amendments would be regarded as cancellation and will be subjected to the cancellation policy of the operator.