What are the benefits of having a prepaid SIM card?

Having a prepaid SIM card in a foreign land gives you the added advantage of staying connected to your loved ones back home. Depending on the SIM card, you can also get local data, easing the process of navigating the streets and making reservations at local establishments.

Do all prepaid SIM cards cover calls/texts/data?

Each SIM card has its own unique specifications and coverage. To ensure you are getting the best offer to suit your needs, kindly read the product description of each prepaid SIM card to find the most ideal SIM card for your travels.

What is the validity of the prepaid SIM card?

The validity period differs for each SIM, ranging from 5 days to 180 days. Most SIM cards are rechargeable to extend the validity.

Is unlimited calls/texts/data applicable to all prepaid SIM cards?

No. The package differs for each SIM. Certain SIM cards offer unlimited calls/texts/data while others may run on credit. Kindly refer to the Service Rates data table in the product description for information on credit consumption.

What is a Hybrid SIM card?

A hybrid SIM card is a combined double or triple-size cards with perforations in the appropriate sizes. This means that your hybrid SIM card can either be standard-sized or micro-sized.