* Picture is for illustration purpose only

  • icon-1Speed : 4G/3G
  • icon-1Network : N/A
  • icon-1Shared Devices : 5-6
  • icon-1Battery Life : 6-8 Hours




Insurance - Rp 100,000.00

Insurance exempts you from penalty charges
such as order cancellation, damage/*loss of the TravelWifi device and accessories. Kindly refer to our FAQ for more information

Whats In This Box


Device Pouch


Travel Adapter

Charging Cable

* A 5-days advance is required to book a TravelWiFi.
* For Express Booking Service (less than 5-days before your trip), contact us via LINE @travelrecommendsth or Call Centre at 021054463. Additional 107 baht service fee will be applied.
* Device model and complimentary items shown are for illustration purposes only and are subject to availability.


Important Notes

1. Fair Usage Policy (FUP): Fair Usage Policy is a set of guidelines imposed by the country's local internet service provider to manage inappropriate data use and to prevent user from abusing the data usage. This policy makes sure that the service can be used fairly by everyone in the particular country. The user may experience slow data speeds if the data usage exceeds the assigned limit but will never be cut off from the internet. There will be no extra charges incurred on the rental rates.

2. A late fee of per rental day will be imposed from the second day of the end of the indicated return date of the rental period for all Asia countries. A late fee of per rental day will be imposed from the second day, after the end of the indicated return date of the rental period for all non-Asia countries.

3. Cancellation Fee:

a) 10% cancellation fee for any TravelWiFi! booking more than 7 days before departure date

b) Rp 200.000 cancellation fee per device for any TravelWiFi! booking within 7 days before departure 

4. Accidental Loss: The charges for loss or damage are as follows:

  • TravelWiFi! router and SIM card: Rp 2.000.000

  • Carrying case: Rp150.000

  • Converting plug: Rp 150,000

  • Other Accessories: Rp 100,000

Note: If you have purchased the insurance for TravelWiFi! kit, you need not pay the penalty charge of cancellations, loss or damages to accessories and *TravelWiFi! device.
*Must be accompanied with police report as proof of loss. If you do lose the TravelWiFi! pack, please make a police report in the country where you lost it and present the report to us as proof of loss when you are back in Indonesia.

5. TravelWiFi! Coverage: Please be informed that the TravelWiFi! might not be able to connect to the internet at locations with poor reception such as mountainous areas, underground, coastal areas, rural places and old buildings, etc.


6. Other Cancellation Fees:

a) 20% for sim card booking

b) 10% for Japan Rail Pass booking

c) No cancellation for Attraction booking

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Taufik Chairunnas

Great service! Will use it again!

Will booked again later.


Vivi Lorensia


highly recommended for everyone who wants to travel aborad



Highly Recommended

No problem when travel to japan


Kelty Sulinda

Great service! Will use it again!

booking China with VPN keren.


Pratiwi Bunjamin

Great service! Will use it again!

lancar pada saat ke malaysia, service memuaskan


Vicky Seno

will booked it again

ga ada kendala pada saat ke middle east



will booked it again

travel ke amerika ga ada masalah. Akan coba gunakan lagi utk ke depannya




Very Good router.



Highly Recommended

Recommended for everyone who travel abroad



Great service! Will use it again!

Pada saat travel ke jepang, koneksi bagus tidak ada masalah. Akan sewa lagi ke depannya