EZ-Link card (IND)

From Rp 93,800.00


Easy and convenient travel around the sunny island of Singapore

Top up available at any MRT station and bus interchange

Usable on all Singapore buses and trains

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Ez- link card


Ez- link card

Rp 93,800.00

Rp 108,000.00


Issued by Ez-Link Pte Ltd, the ez-link card was the very first contactless stored value card introduced for public transit use on the MRT, LRT and buses in April 2002. Due to its contactless nature, the card completes all its transactions within 0.2 seconds and in this way, revolutionarily makes travelling on buses and trains that much faster and smoother.

With the Ez-link card, there’s no more fuss and hassle of paying with coins or verifying the correct fare to pay. It is just tap and go!

The new Ez-link card which is CEPAS compliant was the first CEPAS card to be launched in Singapore in 2008 and to date, remains the number 1 choice for contactless prepaid card payment in Singapore.

Today, the Ez-link card has become synonymous with convenient, quick, accurate and secured cashless transactions. Almost every Singaporean carries at least one ez-link card in his or her wallet not just for transit purposes but for all kinds of lifestyle payment needs such as ERP charges, shopping at retail outlets, dining, government services and so much more.

How To Use

1 Ez-link Card with a $5 value and $5 deposit in the card.

How To Get There

How To Get There

  • Please present the e-voucher to collect your EZ Link Card at Changi Recommends counter in Singapore Changi Airport.
  • The e-voucher is ONLY accepted at Changi Recommends. Do not present the e-voucher at the attraction.
  • Topping up of the card credits can only be done at any SMRT train stations and bus interchanges in Singapore.
  • The company and the merchant will not be responsible for any accidents, loss of property or damage caused by individual’s