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Sakura Season in Japan

Experience the cherry blossom season in Japan for yourself! Browse through our handy travel guides that will be sure to help you to plan your trip there!

Japan cherry blossom forecast 2020

Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms In Japan (2020)

There’s nothing quite like cherry blossom season or the sakura season in Japan! If you’re dreaming of the perfect hanami holiday, click here for our handy guide on the best places and times to see cherry blossoms in Japan!

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Sakura Snacks to try this cherry blossom season in Japan

9 Sakura Snacks to try this Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Cherry Blossom season is soon arriving in Japan! Here are some sakura snacks that you can bring along to your hanami picnic or party this year to fully immerse yourself in the celebrations.

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Japan Deals

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Catch the Cherry Blossoms in Korea

Thinking about heading to Korea to catch the cherry blossoms instead of Japan? We’ve got you too 😉

Korea Cherry Blossom Guide 2020 Travel Recommends

Korea Cherry Blossom Guide 2020

Are you thinking about heading somewhere else besides Japan to catch the cherry blossoms bloom? Visit Korea for an equally beautiful and impressive view of the white and pink flowers! The best time to view the flowers are from late March to early April. Check out our guide on the best places to see the cherry blossoms in Korea on your vacation this year!

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Korea Deals

If you’re going to Korea to catch the cherry blossoms, book your travel essentials before leaving to have a fuss-free trip!

Best Cherry Blossom viewing spots in Taiwan

If you haven’t heard of Taiwan as a cherry blossom viewing destination, you’re in a for a treat.

Taiwan cherry blossom guide 2020

Taiwan Cherry Blossom Guide 2020

Looking for a cheaper, earlier, and less crowded alternative for the Japan sakura season? Why not check out Taiwan? Cherry blossom season in Taiwan starts in late January, a whole two months earlier than Japan’s! The best part is that you don’t have to spend as much on your flight tickets, hotel, and you get to enjoy the cool weather as well.

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