Japan Reopens Theme Parks with New Guidelines – No Screaming on Thrill Rides

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Japan Reopens Theme Parks with New Guidelines – No Screaming on Thrill Rides

Japan’s theme parks and attractions will soon resume operations since the state of emergency has been fully lifted a couple of days ago (27 May 2020).

At this point you might wonder, “How do theme parks open safely during the pandemic?” Not to worry, The East Japan and West Japan Amusement Park Associations with supporting companies, which include Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan (USJ),have it all figured out by releasing their guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Beauty and The Beast Castle – Tokyo Disneyland
Photo courtesy @chipandco.com

Some of the guidelines, like asking all guests to wear masks while inside the park, seems easy to follow. However, one advisory that caught our eyes is that screaming is prohibited. This means that visitors are refrained from shouting or screaming during thrill rides and inside terrifying haunted houses!

The Japanese theme parks association’s concern is of the microscopic droplets of saliva released from riders’ mouths when they let loose a scream. Those airborne particles could fly onto riders in the rear seats.

The “no screaming, shouting or yelling” guidelines that were proposed also applies to indoor attractions and shows.

It seems like the adrenaline junkies will now have to adapt to the new normal by exercising silent or suppressed screams while still enjoying the adrenaline rush.

For the time being, these are just guidelines, so it should be highly unlikely that visitors will be thrown out of the theme parks or attractions for just having a good time!

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that it will be completely safe to travel soon! After all, we all want to visit the happiest place on Earth!

Meanwhile, stay safe wherever you are!

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