Cherry Blossom Season in Japan to Arrive Earlier than Usual

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Cherry Blossom Season in Japan to Arrive Earlier than Usual

The Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) has updated the forecast for Japan’s official cherry blossom this year.

Cherry blossom season is arriving in Tokyo a week earlier than other years.

Tokyo and Kochi prefectures will be the first in Japan to observe the iconic bloom on March 19, 2020. Tokyo’s full bloom is expected to be on March 27.

The forecast is often based on several factors, such as temperatures throughout the year, lowest temperatures in autumn and winter, past data from specific areas, and the status of the cherry tree growth.

This cherry blossom season, the early bloom is due to high temperatures in autumn and winter. It is also due to the projected warm spring weather. Japan has been experiencing a trend of rising or warming temperatures since 2013.

Other parts of Japan will also experience earlier cherry blossom blooms this year, due to the warmer spring predicted.

Fukuoka’s cherry blossoms are expected to bloom on 20 March. While Nagoya’s is on 21 March, Hiroshima’s on 22 March, Kyoto’s on 23 March, Osaka’s on 25 March, and 7 April for Sendai.

Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima’s full bloom is expected to be on 1 April. In Hokkaido, the flowers are expected to bloom on 5 May.

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