8 Must See Anime & Manga Attractions in Tokyo

8 must see anima & manga attractions in tokyo japan
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8 Must See Anime & Manga Attractions in Tokyo

Japan has a TON of shops, cafes, museums, and other sites dedicated to anime and manga. Tokyo in particular has Akihabara and Nakano Broadway – both streets and malls filled with anime and manga merch.

Here are the top spots in Tokyo to hit up if you’re obsessed with Japanese anime and manga.

1. Akihabara

anime & manga akihabara
Photo courtesy of gaijinpot

Akihabara, also known as “Anime City” or “Anime Haven”, has been gaining recognition as the center of Japan’s otaku (hardcore fan) culture. It has to be the biggest anime shopping area in the world.

Some things you can find here include anima and manga stores, real-life locations from anime, merchandise, electronics, video game stores, and even maid cafes!

If you’re a fan of Mario Kart, you can even go street go-karting at Akihabara dressed as your favourite Mario characters!

Street go-karting at Akihabara anime & manga
Street Go-Karting at Akihabara
Photo courtesy of hisgo

Our advice is to check more than two stores and compare prices before buying anything. You can easily find the same item at a different store but at a lower price.

2. Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum in Tokyo anime & manga
Ghibli Museum in Tokyo

The Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo is an art museum by Miyazaki Hayao’s Studio Ghibli, one of Japan’s most famous animation studios. Some films they have produced include My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away.

The museum is designed by Ghibli’s director Hayao Miyazaki and is made up of themed rooms that give you the feeling of being inside a storyboard. The museum has a theatre which screens an exclusive short film every month. There’s even a life-size robot from Castle in the Sky at the rooftop garden!

Entrance tickets to the Ghibli Museum can sometimes sell out months in advance, so we recommend that you book your tickets early.

3. Pokemon Centre

Pokemon Centre Tokyo anime & manga
Photo courtesy of littledayout

If you love Pokemon, you have to visit The Pokemon Centre MEGA (the largest Pokemon shop in Japan!) at Sunshine City. Sunshine City is a large shopping mall that has indoor theme parks and an aquarium on its rooftop!

anime & manga pikachu
Photo courtesy of insidejapantours

Here you can find Pokemon merchandise of every kind – its surely a Pokemon lover’s dream!

4. JUMP Shop

Shonen Jump Store
Photo courtesy of rhiannafloresca

The JUMP Shop is the official shop that sells licensed merch of the manga and anime featured in Weekly Jump. They often stock exclusive merch that can’t be found anywhere else! If you can’t find something at one store, don’t fret – there are multiple shops around Japan and it might be at another store.

There are three JUMP Shops in Tokyo: Tokyo Station, Tokyo Dome City, and Tokyo Skytree.

5. Tokyo One Piece Tower

Tokyo One Piece Tower

The One Piece Tower in Tokyo was opened in March 2015 and is the first One Piece theme park. It features nine different attractions and games across the floors, with each attraction based on the main characters of the Straw Hat Crew.

There are photo opportunities, puzzle games, a live One Piece show, and shops that sell exclusive merchandise!

Book your One Piece Tower tickets here at a discounted rate!

6. Your Name (Kimi No Nawa) Locations

Photo courtesy of eeliecee

Kimi No Na Wa or Your Name is the highest grossing anime movie in the world! Many tourists have been visiting the real locations all over Japan and recreating scenes from the anime.

One of the most popular spots is Suga Shrine that was featured in the last scene when Mitsuha and Taki pass each other on the stairs.

Click here for a full list of locations.

7. Special Mention: One Piece’s Ace & Whitebeard Monuments at Universal Studios Japan

Photo courtesy of instazu

Universal Studios Japan has a monument of two heroes in One Piece – Ace & Whitebeard (Edward Newgate). It’s an uncanny replica of the scene depicted in the manga and anime in the Marine ford war arc.

The monuments are to scale and includes details like Whitebeard’s coat, his famous weapon, and his pirate group’s flag. It’s sure to make any One Piece fan emotional again.

8. Nakano Broadway

Photo courtesy of reigntours

Yes, we’ve mentioned Akihabara earlier but there is another pop culture hub in Tokyo – Nakano Broadway. It’s a huge complex for all things anime, collectibles, and tech related, all compressed into one place.

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