Travel WiFi Rental
• Unlimited WiFi • Connect Multiple Devices • Affordable Rental Fees
How To Rent?
Choose to Self-Collect or our Courier Service


Step 1
Reserve online at least 5 working days before departure date.

Step 2
Receive Reservation Email with payment instructions.

Step 3
Make payment via Bank Transfer & inform Travel Recommends your payment details.

Step 4
Receive Confirmation Email.

  • Self-Collection & Return
    Step 4A
    Collect Travel WiFi Router at KLIA Travel Recommends booth before your check in.

    Step 5A
    Enjoy unlimited WiFi during your trip!

    Step 6A
    Return Travel WiFi Router to KLIA Travel Recommends booth on the day you return.

  • Courier
    Step 4B
    Delivery to your house via courier at least one day before your trip

    Step 5B
    Enjoy unlimited WiFi during your trip!

    Step 6B
    Courier collects from your indicated address one day after your trip.

Note: You are able to choose to Self-Collect from KLIA and Return via Courier or Collect Via Courier and Return at KLIA yourself.
(These options are available while you make your reservation online. Do note that courier is chargeable at RM20 for each way.)

Travel Recommends Booth at KLIA
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Departure Level),
64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Located at the departure entrances of Gate 1, Gate 2 and Gate 3. Travel Recommends Booth Location

RM20 for one way